Professional Cleaning and Errand Services

Think of me as you personal assistant. 

Life is to short doing chores.

Are you looking for that specialized service ? Anywhere from house cleaning, running errands, organizing, laundry to preparing a meal.  Check out all the services I offer.  And please don’t be afraid to ask for special requests.  Think of me as you personal assistant.

 Featured Customer #1

When I met Claudia and discussed all of

her miscellaneous household services like laundry, organizing my teenager’s room, or cleaning my garage, I was thrilled! She not only provides these types of miscellaneous services but has a wonderful cleaning staff too. Did I mention reliable, intuitive, extremely efficient, and a great communicator!!!…. .She had me at “hello”

 Featured Customer #1

Claudia and her team are just amazing. We don’t know what we would do without her. Both my husband and I work full time and have twin two year old girls and we used to spend all our “free time” doing laundry, picking up around the house and doing loads of dishes until we started using Claudia’s services. Claudia takes the worry out of every day tasks with a personal touch and truly gives my family and I peace of mind that we always have a clean, organized house to come home to.